Wire coil wrapping machine for razor wire products

Below is an enquiry from an American client, who I have been following for several months looking for a coil wrapping machine for their razor wire products.



This looks promising,


What kind of paper did you use to wrap the razor wire?

We would like to use nylon reinforced kraft paper ~[75mm-100mm] in width.


Can you quote the same but with an open upward machine? I think it will be faster for us to change size of coils?

Please let me know what the specs would be on this as well.

I have taken over this project as Tyler has left the company. In the design you have shown the tape spools out and then is cut and then completes the wrap. We have had issues with this type of set up in the past. I would like a process where the tape is wrapped around the coil and then cut once the coil is covered. You have that design in one of the videos you sent Tyler. Can I get a quote on that machine?

Please remind me which one was the one where the packaging material spooled around the coil and is cut at the end. We have had issues in the past with the one that cuts the packaging and then continues to wind around the coil. We would like the packaging material to be wrapped around the coil and then cut. I believe you showed that process in one of the videos. Also, what is the warranty on this and how available are spare parts?

Dear Brian:
Both of the machines are packaging material spooled around the coil.
This video is close to FPW-200N.
Please inform me your packaging material.
The warranty for this machine is 1 year free repairment.
The spare parts are free, but if you need to buy more, I can give you a price list.
Best regards