Rod and bar packing machine

We are interested in a horizontal rod and bar wrapping machine. We are looking to wrap steel threaded rod 1-3/4″ diameter up to 3″ diameter up to 50′ long.I believe the F-series would work best for us. We are wrapping the bars in a densil tape 4″ wide and we need 1″ overlap. Would you please send me detailed information on this machine along with pricing? Please call or email if you need anymore information. Thank you

I was just looking over your quote. Under technical parameter it has listed 3 to 50 kg. Our material would weigh 742 kg up to 20 m long. Will your table handle the weight?

Also would you please clarify “T/T” under payment terms?

Our conveyors (table) are able to handle weight 50kg/meter, your weight is 742kg/20meter=37.1kg/meter. There is no problem with this weight.
If you have products heavier than 50kg/meter, then we need to improve the conveyor’s structure.
Also, the machine we quoted you only has two 1m long conveyors, if you need to add additional conveyors, please give me a notice, I will change the quotation for you.

UPVC profile bundling and bagging with woven bag

Our PVC pipe bundling and bagging line not just can be used for packing pipes, but also can work on profiles, but there are also have some problems that we need to be awared.

Inquiry from a customer:

Dear Sir,

We are manufacturer of UPVC profiles used to manufacture doors and windows . the length of the upvc profiles are 5.8 mtr. We want to pack and bundle the same. Kindly suggest which machine will be suitable along with the cost of the machine.

With warm Regards

Dear xxxxx:

Im Tao Zheng, work for Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co..,Ltd.

Thanks for your inquiry.

For making the solution for you, we may need more information from you as below:

 bundle No  Length width height Weight
Conveyor motor drive/unmaned Length


Here are the videos of our machines:

Please reply me with your information and let us know what kind of packing material you are using?

Best regards


Dear Mr Tao,

As required by you we are enclosing herewith details of the packing required by you.


Further first as shown in your video we will be packing through stretch film 3 points of the profile and then after we want to cover it with woven sacks   ( what do you mean “cover it with woven sacks”, wrapping it by woven belt or pack it in woven bag? please see the pictures I have attached)and finally pack it ( do you mean wrap it again?).

Pls suggest .

With warm Regards

Yes my friend I meant woven bag as shown in the photo.

Dear xxxxxx:
How about the two ends of the woven bag? Sewed by two sewing machines or wrapped by two wrapping machines with tape?
The price for your solution is very expensive.
Best regards

Special designed glass door wrapping machine

We have customers who wants to have a machine for packaging their products-glass door. Seems they have been searching this for a long time, but never got one that is good for them.

Dear Tao

The machine we need is SHGG-1800. We are going to wrap glass doors. The average size is 1000mm widht, 2000mm lenght and 50kg weight.

I hope hear about you soon

Good morning.

Attending your question here is the meassure requested

A = 1000mm

B = 2000mm

C = 10mm


Fhope has made a new model for wrapping glass doors three years ago, it differs the normal horizontal wrapping machine, give more protection to the products.

Wire coil wrapping machine for razor wire products

Below is an enquiry from an American client, who I have been following for several months looking for a coil wrapping machine for their razor wire products.


This looks promising,


What kind of paper did you use to wrap the razor wire?

We would like to use nylon reinforced kraft paper ~[75mm-100mm] in width.


Can you quote the same but with an open upward machine? I think it will be faster for us to change size of coils?

Please let me know what the specs would be on this as well.

I have taken over this project as Tyler has left the company. In the design you have shown the tape spools out and then is cut and then completes the wrap. We have had issues with this type of set up in the past. I would like a process where the tape is wrapped around the coil and then cut once the coil is covered. You have that design in one of the videos you sent Tyler. Can I get a quote on that machine?

Please remind me which one was the one where the packaging material spooled around the coil and is cut at the end. We have had issues in the past with the one that cuts the packaging and then continues to wind around the coil. We would like the packaging material to be wrapped around the coil and then cut. I believe you showed that process in one of the videos. Also, what is the warranty on this and how available are spare parts?

Dear Brian:
Both of the machines are packaging material spooled around the coil.
This video is close to FPW-200N.
Please inform me your packaging material.
The warranty for this machine is 1 year free repairment.
The spare parts are free, but if you need to buy more, I can give you a price list.
Best regards

orbital strecth wrap machine

My ex-staff Sarah Hoeness sent you email late last year. She has left the company and I am interested in dealing with your company for the orbital stretch wrapping machinery.
We are one of the largest dealers of your products here in Mexico and We are interested in buying large quantities from your company..
Please download our attached product Specification wrapping machine documents / photos for best view of the Samples. we have Listed 3 Samples of the  needed products with designs
Sample A Sample (B) and Sample (C) with different equipment design as required..
For our our full order,please urgently confirm if you can supply us.Send us quotation for the orbital stretch wrapepr ASAP.

Let’s finish things just in one time

In the production industry, many of practitioners complain the repetitive work. They are inefficient and tiring most of the times. Almost every one wants to escape it and improve the situation. But the question is -how?

How can we change this as there is no innovation and better management,and how are we going to achieve that goal. I believe, with dedicated study of the production process and constant learning in new technology we can achieve it.

For instance, one century ago, there probably no harvester and others machines for farming, but just in the lasted century, we human beings developed all sorts of farming machines. Innovations are keep coming and new technology has been applied to it. Today, it’s so easy to find the farming machine that you want and is perfect for your requirement.

In the cable production industry, we are luckily to have the latest coiling and packing machine. This is actually a line contains coiling process and strapping and packaging process.

With this functional machine, this is no need to move the cable or coils back and forth. Cable will be coiled just after come out from the production line then will be delivered to strapping station by conveyors then to stretch wrapping or bagging station then into the shrink tunnel. Just in few minutes, a well packed cable coil will come out from the end of the line without any interference of human.

This really is a difference, not just for saving your labor cost, but also improving your capacity. If you don’t agree, please think about all the repetitive work you do everyday.


What a gadget can do

Sometimes, in our lives, you just can not image what that some little gadgets can bring to us.

When we talk about sewing, an image might come to our brain “a lady running a sewing machine, loading fabrics, sewing, cutting thread”. Yes, this is the stereotype that most peopel have. But, today it might have changed. Thanks to the constant innovation in the industry, today’s sewer no longer need to cut the thread manually. A little blade has been adopted to the sewing machine and it cuts the thread automatically when the sewer down their sewing. Half work load has been reduced, just a little blade. How that comes? you might want to ask. Yes, that’s ture. Before the change, sewers need to stop the machine and cut the thread by a pair of scissors manually. And sometimess for doing this easier, sewers will leave the thread for very long. That needs to be cut twice, but nowaday’s auotmatic sewing machine won’t have this problem. So, half work load be reduced is not an exageration.

Today, in the packing industry people also found what they can innovate to improve the efficiency.


This is the pneumatic device attached on horizontal stretch wrapper for cutting the stretch film.

With this device, the operator on longer need to cut the stretch film manually, and this allows the machine to run in a faster speed. No bending, no cutting and it even can load the packaging material automatically. You can image how much time this going to save. If the machine has motor controlled conveyors and combined with production line this even could save two laborers.

It just as we always say, you don’t know what potential impact that some be ignored small thing can bring. With our innovative mind, high capacity doesn’t mean it has to be large.


Do you know the cost of this damage?

Do you know the cost of this damage? It may be small, but when your customers present inferior products, the quality of the brand is in question. What do you think will cost you? That can be costly.

Do you know the consequence of the shipment damage? It can cost you. These losses can be serious, both for your brand reputation and for your profits.

Whether these losses are tangible or intangible, you will lose too much of them for you. And we can see that it’s too expensive. Grocery store managers association (GMA) and the food marketing institute (FMI) calculates a conclusion, in food, beverage and consumer goods shipped, found that about 5% of the loss, between point and point of sale in production. You can calculate it, it’s a huge loss, which is $500 million per year, or $50 million per year for a company of $10 million. In fact, you can see that these are serious losses. So, you need to find ways to reduce the loss of this product, and if the loss of the product is reduced, your profit will increase.

What you need to do is halve your shipping loss. How can you reduce your loss? You can use a better stretch wrap, stretching and wrapping can help you solve this problem.

Transport loss is not necessarily the cost of doing business, which is good news. And, after research, we found that this loss can be avoided. We’ve learned that if you use a better stretch wrap, this stretch wrap can help you cut your losses by half. Why should we reduce such losses? Because your product will hurt your customers.

Because of damage to the ship, the damage needs to be reduced. You can reduce your product damage by stretching the packaging effectively! Beginning from today, reduce the cost of transportation are you today, you can download our three principles of the drawing package, ten methods, through the interpretation of here, hope can provide great help for you!