Pallet inverter fits your special needs

Good morning to you.
Our customer need to purchase a stationary load inverter, basically to change pallets. They handle different container formats (drums different sizes, paper bags, plastic bags, boxes, etc…) on pallets of 100 cms x 120 cms, and heights from 60 cms to 180 cms, with weights which go from 100 Kgs to 1500 Kgs. Please indicate if you have an alternative which can handle these loads in a secure way and quote FOB Shanghai Port for one and two units. Please quote best prices based on 1 unit and 2 units with detailed product information. Also, advise packing volume in M3 for 1 unit and 2 unit as well as your fastest lead time. Is it possible to ship 1 unit by LCL or 1 x 20″ How about 2 units together?
Thanks and Best Regards
This is an enquiry from a client, what he needs is a pallet inverter. We as a manufacturer of pallet inverter, has devoted to this area for years, dedicated development and focus on the designing. Lots of new models are coming out every year.
So far, we have designed models with single clamper, dual clamper, floor based position and specialized features. There will also be new models in the future to fit users’ specific needs.