The channel organization needs to be in good condition.

The channel organization needs to be in good condition. If it’s a bad stack, it’s easy to collapse. If such a flower, it would make the people below shocking. If there are protruding objects on the floor, these objects will cause people to trip up, which is dangerous.

Thirdly, the project follows the safety practice of forklift truck.

According to the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA), there are a large number of forklifts each year, about 110,000, but we also estimate that at least 70 percent of accidents can be avoided. Due to the damage caused by forklift truck, we generalized the common causes, including high pedestrian traffic, blind spots, narrow passageways and the capsizing of forklifts. Draw traffic lanes for trucks and pedestrians. On the floor, you can see the obvious signs that its role is to make traffic unincorporated.

Lights and mirrors are installed throughout the facility, and visibility can be increased in dim light and blind spots.

A large enough channel can be provided to allow the truck to pass easily. Do you know what it does? It can help prevent trucks from capsizing or hitting objects or people.

Fourth, a security team needs to be assembled.

One key point is awareness and training. What should your security team do? It should be representative sample of every person who works in a factory. Do you know what the team’s job is? Training new employees is the work of the team.

Your operation needs to be checked regularly.

Forklift safety inspection also needs to be implemented. Compliance with security practices also needs to be ensured.

In fact, you can see that small and cheap changes can make a big difference. So why are you taking a risk? You can use these techniques to build a well-organized and caring organization. Remember, everyone’s responsibility is to create a safe working environment.


Stretch Wrappers

At the other end, a giant canned beverage maker needs to be considered. Do you know what the factory is like? It is a huge automation facilities, its role is to “timely” product, a supplier of LIDS were included, delivery of 250000 aluminum foil on a tray, it can also realize, isn’t that great? .

We can make a hypothesis that if there are 250,000 aluminum LIDS on the truck that are going to spread across the trailer, then it’s very likely that they will delay their production. And it will certainly take time and labor. Why? Because they need time and labor to clean up. We have large automated assembly line is very tall to the requirement of some of the product components, on the one hand, it not only reached the factory must be intact, and they can be stacked perfectly and packing still in the factory is looking forward to. In this way, they can be put into production immediately. Do you know what a broken lid does? It is completely lost and unusable, and the broken lid has lost time and benefits to suppliers and recipients.

In both cases, you can see that brand image and reputation are at stake. It is impossible for them to easily compensate their customers if a small supplier encounters a loss of transport. If a large company loses time due to damage to the ship, the cost of its delay will be high, sometimes as high as tens of thousands of dollars. It’s really a big loss.

Do you know what the butterfly effect is to achieve proper control over the pallet load? In fact, it has more impact than most people realize. Why is that? Because it affects not only those who have to pick up the pieces, but also the bottom line of the company and other companies.



Stretch Wrapping

In fact, the damage is largely avoidable, and this is good news. Therefore, we need to use the correct stretching packaging method to prevent this loss effectively!

“I can’t buy it!

Do you know any damage to the damaged products? It will damage your brand reputation.

You can think of a can of soup on the grocery store shelf. Are you reaching for it or reaching for the one behind it? The most likely behavior of the consumer is to push the dent to one side, and a person in good condition will be caught. Or looking for a competitive brand is worse. If so, our own profit will be reduced, but the profit of competitors will increase, which is a very bad result!

Do you know what the truth is? The loss is too great, the cost too high is the fact. It is reported that we can see that the damaged items already have 0.5% of food and consumer goods. In fact, this may not seem like much, but, globally, do you know how much the losses will cost the company each year? Does the $60 billion loss sound like a bit of a surprise? But transportation losses aren’t necessarily the cost of doing business, which is good news. The most important thing we need to do is to keep our transportation costs unchanged.

Do you know about half of the transportation losses are caused by what? Generally speaking, it is caused by the ineffective stretching packing. Generally speaking, as long as the quality of the packaging is improved, transportation losses can be greatly reduced for most companies. If you want to learn more, you can refer to our blog about effective stretching packaging.

Damage due to ship damage should be reduced. The 10-step process of your stretch wrap is what I want to get. You can reduce the damage by stretching the packaging more effectively. Your transportation loss can also be reduced today. It’s very helpful to improve your profits!


There is no long or drag film tail that you need to make sure of.

There is no long or drag film tail that you need to make sure of. Do you know what’s on the back of the film? It has a tendency to capture it in a downstream device. For example, the transmitter, automatic storage and retrieval system, which results in jam or film tearing or pulling products from the tray.

Second, the load trailer strategy.

If you use the correct mode, it will make it easy to uninstall. You know what the most important thing is? It protects the product from possible damage. In the weight and height of the tray, your load mode needs to be established.

Balance weight. It is important to distribute the weight evenly, as the moving of the trailer needs to be offset. The height difference between adjacent loads requires you to minimize it. Placing the same high adjacent loads together is what you need to do. In that case, a natural wall formed. At the same time, there is a benefit to this, that a complete breakdown of the load can be effectively prevented. Large Spaces need to be filled. If there is a large gap in your loading, you can use airbags or other liners if you want to fill in the gaps.

Companies around the world have lost billions of dollars. Do you know why? This is because of the effective extension of the packing load during transportation. The load will get to their destination and that’s not good enough to make sure, but do you know what it’s like to have an effective stretch wrap? How can you load a trailer? In fact, loading a trailer can reduce your load failure and risk of damage.

Do you know what the main predictors of your load arrive at your destination? Sufficient restraining force is the main predictor. If you don’t know how much control you need for your load, you can download our check force recommendation chart so you can see more clearly.


Do you know what you care about?

Do you know what you care about? Is delivery loss your concern?

Whatever products you do, they are important steps for packaging and shipping. And both of these steps have a big impact. In fact, we can see that your products are made by yourself. At the same time, you bring them to market with enthusiasm. But putting it on your client is something you shouldn’t do. In fact, we all know that in this regard, we have had years of packaging and protection experience – products from A to B are our targets without scratch. One of our most conservative secrets is the square package…

Loss, profit. Now let’s look at the relationship between loss and profit.

Usually, a great manufacturer’s stimulus comes from shipping their products through shipping. But you can also see that some things always go wrong. In general, these destroyed products will be sent to customers, so the end result is that they won’t make any money. Many businesses take early calculations for losses, and in general, they calculate a loss of one or two percentage points in advance. In fact, it has a big impact on margins. But why? Why don’t they focus on the perfect packaging and protection that makes your precious cargo secure? At the same time, will it keep your customers in good shape? Generally speaking, if you can reduce your losses during transportation, your profits will continue to rise.

In the square

As we all know, this may sound strange, but the first thing that starts with packaging is the delivery of the damage. Do you know what the function of this situation is? It can provide maximum protection during transportation. For this reason, we know that it is very important to construct the box in a square way. You know what that means?


Do you know how to stretch the packing?

Do you know how to stretch the packing? Do you know that stretching packaging prevents your profit from being reduced? Do you know how it reduces your profit margins? Now, let’s take a look at this.

We can see that the $200 opportunity is not a good bet. Now, let’s see.

You can imagine that you were on a Boeing 767, and this time, there were 199 passengers on board. When the plane flew to the gate of the destination, the plane would open the walkie-talkie and say, “stay seated until we unload the wounded on the plane, and you can move.” Then, at the jetty, the door opened and a paramedic rushed in, and the injured passenger was quickly evacuated.

If this happens on a regular flight, from a passenger’s point of view, how much success do you think these flights have?

To do mathematics, I can say that you are quite successful. After all, we can see that for 99.5% of passengers, they can all arrive intact. But only 5% have a question, and if so, do you know how much damage the load does? This is equivalent to a load damage rate of only 5%. In fact, if you look at this number, it’s acceptable because it’s not too shabby. But to be fair, you know what better results? A better result is that all passengers can arrive on all flights intact. To do that, we have to work hard.

A near-zero percent load damage rate is the best, and when we get used to that number — that number is actually delivered by airlines. 5 percent is actually a lot, you know what that means? On average, one out of every 200 passengers is injured, which is what 5% represents. It’s an unacceptable level of risk, and that’s probably what most of us think. Because too many people get hurt.


It is impossible to dispose of a single tray of damaged goods.

It is impossible to dispose of a single tray of damaged goods. But the thing to think about is that it happens all over the country every day. If you add up these costs, it will be quick.

In other cases, if we think the damaged products are available, the products will be recycled. Still, labor, fuel, materials and other resources are used by companies because companies need to remove and repackage these items. They then transport the damaged products to a landfill. However, in the Numbers of the home office, we can see that there are still a lot of shipping losses. In addition, we must reorder the damaged products. So we all know that these efforts are repetitive, that people are using additional raw materials because they need to be used to actually sell things that have been produced before.

Of course, we can see that all these rework costs money. Consumers’ wallets are the best response, and consumption can be felt. But its impact on the environment is less obvious. Additional fuel, electricity and additional materials and resources need to be used if there is a bad stretch package that causes transport damage, as the problem needs to be addressed. As we all know, if you’re dumping damaged products at landfills, they seem to have a more direct impact on the environment, but you need to know that all these additional measures can also cause losses.

It is our purpose to avoid this situation. To achieve this purpose, it is very important for the shipping department to properly use their tensile wrappers. Because they can reach the proper containment. At the same time, they can keep the containment vessel from being damaged. By reducing this loss, we can help to reduce the environmental and financial costs of recycling products that are still available.

The proper restraining force on your load is the main source of loss reduction. Don’t want to! We have a deterrent force that can help you.


stretch film products

pallet wrapping, stretch film

Packaging’s sustainability is more connected with lowering the social condition, environmental condition, and economic effects of packaging across the supply chain rather than the physical package. It is significant to raise the sustainable supply of transporting pallet loads.
Decline the consumption of the stretch film is also important .
Observing a packaging material as fragile as stretch film seems that it is unimportant at the first glance, you may think that in 2006, the year the C Group made use as a base for an analysis that is form the U.S. stretch film consumption. And then the organizations spent 1.5 billion dollars on this material mentioned above. C analysts predict that the U.S.A’ s sales market for stretch film applied in pallet wrapping may raised at a rate of 4.7 percent annually from the year 2006 to the year 2011. It is estimated that at that time period, there will be more than 1.9 billion pounds of petroleum purchased in the field of the manufacture of stretch film during the whole the U.S. A market. The U.S.A companies should take active measures to cut the usage of all petroleum-based for the cost of a barrel of oil at unheard is still very highs .These materials includes stretch film that contain lot of costs.

If you want to take another look at the effects of the stretch film roots from the C Company, you will get it. The C reported that due to the great improvement in the field of chemistry and in the area of the enhanced products, and in the area of the processes, and and in the area of the services have ensured that cutting the cost of the stretch film by more than 25 percent in the recent years. In the matter of fact, the company estimates that on a global basis, this saving on the cost of the stretch film will save 1 billion pounds in each year.