Pallet Wrapping

pallet wrapping, stretch film

Do you know what the damage to your brand’s reputation will be? Do you know what it is?

I don’t know if you have ordered something from an online retailer – can we cite an example, such as a furniture or electronics? The condition of arrival. But what do you do if a broken shelf is received, or only one ear is received, not two ears? We all think about it, and you might be disappointed that you might think twice about placing an order with that retailer. There is even a possibility of writing a particularly bad comment online.

In the same situation, the situation of shipping products on a larger scale can also occur. If your goods are damaged or lost, can you imagine that your customers will be happy? I think the answer is obvious, and no one will be happy! Therefore, during transportation, we should try our best to avoid any damage to your product.

In the area of transportation logistics, do you know why we define transportation damage? We can make any changes, reducing customer satisfaction is not our goal. However, if the product is damaged frequently during transportation, customer satisfaction will be reduced. “Do you know how many shapes and sizes the shipping losses are? We can take a look at each of these two main types:

First, the work load failed. You can imagine if you opened the door of a truck, you saw a scene of products everywhere. The truck’s vibration or lack of control results in the load. Do you know what it is? Generally, we classify it as “not for sale”. “It is very common for these goods to be sent back to the manufacturer, or it is very common to send them to landfills.” Do you know how these two methods are produced? It’s all due to the change in load conditions.