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Please let me have the coil information in following list for a roughly price.
1. coil size
Coil No. OD (mm) ID(mm) WIDTH(mm) WEIGHT(Kg)
2. coil is the coil wrapping material: stretch film, paper…?
3. For strapping:
    a. What kind of strapping: PET or steel belt?
    b. Semiauto(manually) or automatic strapping?

Coil Master

Automatiac pallet inverter and exchanging machine manufacturer in China.

The pallet handling equipment designed with conveyor for handling the pallet online. The pallet exchanging device with good price and tough structure for heavy loading.

The chinese manufacturer help you find the best solution in packing the wire rod, coil aluminum and handling the pallet load online automation.

Rod and bar packing machine


We are interested in a horizontal rod and bar wrapping machine. We are looking to wrap steel threaded rod 1-3/4″ diameter up to 3″ diameter up to 50′ long.I believe the F-series would work best for us. We are wrapping the bars in a densil tape 4″ wide and we need 1″ overlap. Would you please send me detailed information on this machine along with pricing? Please call or email if you need anymore information. Thank you

I was just looking over your quote. Under technical parameter it has listed 3 to 50 kg. Our material would weigh 742 kg up to 20 m long. Will your table handle the weight?

Also would you please clarify “T/T” under payment terms?

Our conveyors (table) are able to handle weight 50kg/meter, your weight is 742kg/20meter=37.1kg/meter. There is no problem with this weight.
If you have products heavier than 50kg/meter, then we need to improve the conveyor’s structure.
Also, the machine we quoted you only has two 1m long conveyors, if you need to add additional conveyors, please give me a notice, I will change the quotation for you.

The stability of coveying by roller conveyor


We got clients worry about their product. They really think the goods might fall down when it’s on conveyors or the wrapping machine.

Here is an example:

Customer A:

Hi again!

It seems you didn’t understand me correctly. What I mean is as follows:
Measures of the pallet are 0.80m /1.20m. 3 rows with 12 x 5 gallon bottles are uploaded on the pallet. So we think the pallet itself will be shaking through the roller road and bottles may fall down.
The problem is uploaded pallet in this way is unstable even if just stay on the roller road without moving.
Now I hope explained it more clearly.
Could you send me a picture of it first? I can’t tell how we gonna tackle this problem without seeing it.
Hope to get it soon.
Best regards
Customer A:
I attach picture and video to see what I mean.
But get in mind measures of pallet shown are not what we need.
Ours are 1.20/0.80 – Euro standart.
So you will assure what our concern is about – unstability of pallet and its movement through the roller road automatically.
If there are boards placed between each layers, then the whole load is stable for the machine to pack. There will be no vibration when it goes through the roller road.
What I really suggest you to improve is to add a top press down device, this will secure the loads won’t fall when the machine starts wrapping. Please see the videos below:
I hope you can get my point.
Customer A:
Thank you for videos and your suggestion, it’s a really good one.
We’ll discuss and give you answer next week.
Actually, it rarely have vibration if the pallet is bottom flat and in good quality, roller conveyors are very even and smooth to pass on.
So, use good pallets and load the goods in a more cared way is the basic way to reduce the risk and decrease your damage.

UPVC profile bundling and bagging with woven bag



Our PVC pipe bundling and bagging line not just can be used for packing pipes, but also can work on profiles, but there are also have some problems that we need to be awared.

Inquiry from a customer:

Dear Sir,

We are manufacturer of UPVC profiles used to manufacture doors and windows . the length of the upvc profiles are 5.8 mtr. We want to pack and bundle the same. Kindly suggest which machine will be suitable along with the cost of the machine.

With warm Regards

Dear xxxxx:

Im Tao Zheng, work for Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co..,Ltd.

Thanks for your inquiry.

For making the solution for you, we may need more information from you as below:

 bundle No  Length width height Weight
Conveyor motor drive/unmaned Length


Here are the videos of our machines: https://www.fhopepack.com/videos/automatic-horizontal-wrapping-machine-and-oribtal-wrapper/




Please reply me with your information and let us know what kind of packing material you are using?

Best regards


Dear Mr Tao,

As required by you we are enclosing herewith details of the packing required by you.


Further first as shown in your video we will be packing through stretch film 3 points of the profile and then after we want to cover it with woven sacks   ( what do you mean “cover it with woven sacks”, wrapping it by woven belt or pack it in woven bag? please see the pictures I have attached)and finally pack it ( do you mean wrap it again?).

Pls suggest .

With warm Regards

Yes my friend I meant woven bag as shown in the photo.

Dear xxxxxx:
How about the two ends of the woven bag? Sewed by two sewing machines or wrapped by two wrapping machines with tape?
The price for your solution is very expensive.
Best regards

Special designed glass door wrapping machine


We have customers who wants to have a machine for packaging their products-glass door. Seems they have been searching this for a long time, but never got one that is good for them.

Dear Tao

The machine we need is SHGG-1800. We are going to wrap glass doors. The average size is 1000mm widht, 2000mm lenght and 50kg weight.

I hope hear about you soon

Good morning.

Attending your question here is the meassure requested

A = 1000mm

B = 2000mm

C = 10mm


Fhope has made a new model for wrapping glass doors three years ago, it differs the normal horizontal wrapping machine, give more protection to the products.

Wire coil wrapping machine for razor wire products

Below is an enquiry from an American client, who I have been following for several months looking for a coil wrapping machine for their razor wire products.



This looks promising,


What kind of paper did you use to wrap the razor wire?

We would like to use nylon reinforced kraft paper ~[75mm-100mm] in width.


Can you quote the same but with an open upward machine? I think it will be faster for us to change size of coils?

Please let me know what the specs would be on this as well.

I have taken over this project as Tyler has left the company. In the design you have shown the tape spools out and then is cut and then completes the wrap. We have had issues with this type of set up in the past. I would like a process where the tape is wrapped around the coil and then cut once the coil is covered. You have that design in one of the videos you sent Tyler. Can I get a quote on that machine?

Please remind me which one was the one where the packaging material spooled around the coil and is cut at the end. We have had issues in the past with the one that cuts the packaging and then continues to wind around the coil. We would like the packaging material to be wrapped around the coil and then cut. I believe you showed that process in one of the videos. Also, what is the warranty on this and how available are spare parts?

Dear Brian:
Both of the machines are packaging material spooled around the coil.
This video is close to FPW-200N.
Please inform me your packaging material.
The warranty for this machine is 1 year free repairment.
The spare parts are free, but if you need to buy more, I can give you a price list.
Best regards

PVC pipe pacing line


Hello Tao,

I think the machines are interesting, but I’m looking for a machine that can help me to pack drain accessories (PVC . injection line) to resist a trip of around 15 hours. (not in box please).
Also I would like to know if you have any information about the material of the sacks or bags (not Stretch wrap) used for packaging the accessories and the product arrives in good condition to the final destination.
Our ultimate goal is to have a machine that help us to reduce packaging time.
I hope you can help me. thanks a lot

Hello Tao,
I think the machines are interesting, but I’m looking for a machine that can help me to pack drain accessories (PVC . injection line) to resist a trip of around 15 hours. (not in box please).

Also I would like to know if you have any information about the material of the sacks or bags (not Stretch wrap) used for packaging the accessories and the product arrives in good condition to the final destination.

Our ultimate goal is to have a machine that help us to reduce packaging time.

I hope you can help me. thanks a lot

Pallet inverter fits your special needs


Good morning to you.
Our customer need to purchase a stationary load inverter, basically to change pallets. They handle different container formats (drums different sizes, paper bags, plastic bags, boxes, etc…) on pallets of 100 cms x 120 cms, and heights from 60 cms to 180 cms, with weights which go from 100 Kgs to 1500 Kgs. Please indicate if you have an alternative which can handle these loads in a secure way and quote FOB Shanghai Port for one and two units. Please quote best prices based on 1 unit and 2 units with detailed product information. Also, advise packing volume in M3 for 1 unit and 2 unit as well as your fastest lead time. Is it possible to ship 1 unit by LCL or 1 x 20″ How about 2 units together?
Thanks and Best Regards
This is an enquiry from a client, what he needs is a pallet inverter. We as a manufacturer of pallet inverter, has devoted to this area for years, dedicated development and focus on the designing. Lots of new models are coming out every year.
So far, we have designed models with single clamper, dual clamper, floor based position and specialized features. There will also be new models in the future to fit users’ specific needs.

Coil tilter/updender/turner


Coil upender also called coil tilter, it’s a mechanical device used to turn large heavy copper or steel coils 90°and change the direction. Below is the example of one of our inquiries.



Do you make a coil upender/coil tilter with a motorized V-saddle to snug the coil against the pallet before tipping. The coils that costumer use have Max Diameter 1200mm and Max Weight 6Ton. Inner diameter is not important for this machine/device I guess.

Looking foward to receiving your proposal.

Best regards


Dear Sir:

Im Tao Zheng, work for Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co..,Ltd.

Thanks for your inquiry.

I need to know what’s the Width or height of the coils?

Please reply me when you see this e-mail.

Best regards


Dear Tao,

Thank you for reply me.

The coils have Max Diameter 1200mm, width 1200-1500mm, weight max 6 t.

The coil upender is hidraulic driven or by chain whith electric motor ?

Is it possible to have the V-table motorized?

Dear Sir:

The coil upender is driven by chain with electric motor.

What do you mean V-table motorized? like the video below:


Best regards



Automatic PVC pipe packing line


PVC pipe packing line is a solution for PVC production. The solution has two types, including online model and offline model.

The online model can connect to the extrusion line, counting and strapping the pipes automatically and bagging the bundles in the end. Less labor required. Great efficiency. The offline model is set up individually, it’s able to pack pipes from several pipe making machines, fast speed and really high capacity.

Inquiries from our clients:

Hello, thank for answering me.

I going to explein you what I need. I from Perú, I am study managment and for my last year of carrear I have to give a solution to a problem that a company has, the company is dedicated to the production of PVC pipes.
The problem: the company (http://www.inyectoplast.com.pe) says that to pack the big and small pipes takes from 3 to 5 days and then it is sent to different parts of Peru.
Now I would like to know if there is any machine that helps in the packing of pvc pipes, to reduce cost and time.
Please, any kind of information will be useful to me.
I hope you have understood me and can help me.
Thanks for your reply.
I want to know do you pack the pipes sigly or as bundles?
Could you send me sizes and weight for both single pipes and bundles?
We have many machines which can be used to pack PVC pipes, I don’t know which one fits you the most.
Best regards