Stretch Wrappers

At the other end, a giant canned beverage maker needs to be considered. Do you know what the factory is like? It is a huge automation facilities, its role is to “timely” product, a supplier of LIDS were included, delivery of 250000 aluminum foil on a tray, it can also realize, isn’t that great? .

We can make a hypothesis that if there are 250,000 aluminum LIDS on the truck that are going to spread across the trailer, then it’s very likely that they will delay their production. And it will certainly take time and labor. Why? Because they need time and labor to clean up. We have large automated assembly line is very tall to the requirement of some of the product components, on the one hand, it not only reached the factory must be intact, and they can be stacked perfectly and packing still in the factory is looking forward to. In this way, they can be put into production immediately. Do you know what a broken lid does? It is completely lost and unusable, and the broken lid has lost time and benefits to suppliers and recipients.

In both cases, you can see that brand image and reputation are at stake. It is impossible for them to easily compensate their customers if a small supplier encounters a loss of transport. If a large company loses time due to damage to the ship, the cost of its delay will be high, sometimes as high as tens of thousands of dollars. It’s really a big loss.

Do you know what the butterfly effect is to achieve proper control over the pallet load? In fact, it has more impact than most people realize. Why is that? Because it affects not only those who have to pick up the pieces, but also the bottom line of the company and other companies.



Stretching Package

Second, defective unit load. If there is no effective stretching package, we can see that the load will be displaced. They can’t stretch vertically and that’s the end result. We can see that the non-vertical load, or more than 2 inches of vertical alignment, will be damaged. During transportation, we can see that they have increased the risk of multiple processing. It’s very dangerous.

Through experience, we have also concluded that if your customers receive almost no damage or tear, they are not happy. And generally, the sale of these goods must be sold at a lower price, so the profits are greatly reduced. Therefore, it is impossible to take a lower price to sell products, because in this way, your interests will be greatly damaged.

If this happens, there will be a lot of side effects. As you can imagine, brand loyalty can be compromised. There are dents, crushed or faded products that people don’t want to buy. And next to your damaged product, do you know what it is? It’s a competitive brand. The customer tries another merchant, which you can’t accept.

This can seriously endanger business relationships. We all know that if product damage, it puts pressure on business relationships. Every time we open the door of a wharf, a truck damaged products will appear problem, so, there is no doubt that the customer time and money for you, would make a big problem.

You know what it is? We can see a lot of global shipping losses, more than $60 billion a year. Do you know what caused these losses? Generally speaking, ineffective stretch packaging is the main cause of product damage. However, you can reduce a lot of damage by improving your stretch wrap, which is also good news.

Well, why don’t you do it? Whether it’s your clients, your environment, or your bottom line, they’ll be grateful.


Pallet Wrapping

pallet wrapping, stretch film

Do you know what the damage to your brand’s reputation will be? Do you know what it is?

I don’t know if you have ordered something from an online retailer – can we cite an example, such as a furniture or electronics? The condition of arrival. But what do you do if a broken shelf is received, or only one ear is received, not two ears? We all think about it, and you might be disappointed that you might think twice about placing an order with that retailer. There is even a possibility of writing a particularly bad comment online.

In the same situation, the situation of shipping products on a larger scale can also occur. If your goods are damaged or lost, can you imagine that your customers will be happy? I think the answer is obvious, and no one will be happy! Therefore, during transportation, we should try our best to avoid any damage to your product.

In the area of transportation logistics, do you know why we define transportation damage? We can make any changes, reducing customer satisfaction is not our goal. However, if the product is damaged frequently during transportation, customer satisfaction will be reduced. “Do you know how many shapes and sizes the shipping losses are? We can take a look at each of these two main types:

First, the work load failed. You can imagine if you opened the door of a truck, you saw a scene of products everywhere. The truck’s vibration or lack of control results in the load. Do you know what it is? Generally, we classify it as “not for sale”. “It is very common for these goods to be sent back to the manufacturer, or it is very common to send them to landfills.” Do you know how these two methods are produced? It’s all due to the change in load conditions.


Do you know how to stretch the packing?

Do you know how to stretch the packing? It can protect your profits and your brand. This is a good protection for the profits of merchants!

Do you know what the main purpose of stretching packing is? It allows your products to be delivered to your customers from where they are produced. The process is just like they were made. But do you know what happens when these uniform loads are placed behind the truck? Their journey began. Do you know what will happen next? It will go beyond your control. If you can’t effectively stretch the load, they can get hurt, which is a serious consequence.

In fact, we all know that for damage, it can happen to anything. We can see that it has fallen into a sunken cereal box from the truck-loaded pallet product. The company wasted its time and money. At the same time, the company’s reputation is likely to suffer from serious damage.

“I can’t sell it!

You can think of what happens when a two-liter bottle falls behind the truck. The effect of this decline is huge, and it could cause some bottles to explode. We can see that the rest is sticky. Therefore, these products are not to be sold, we must dispose of these products.

When the truck door is opened by the retailer, if they find the damaged goods, do you know how they feel? They are likely to be frustrated. So many people close the doors and send the truck back to the manufacturer, which is what most people do. If this happens over and over again, it will be a matter of reconsideration if they carry these products. Because this is a very important issue, you need to think about it separately to get the best results.

Do you know this type of damage is very expensive? All costs of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, cleaning, disposal and replacement are included.


Do you know the cost of this damage?

Do you know the cost of this damage? It may be small, but when your customers present inferior products, the quality of the brand is in question. What do you think will cost you? That can be costly.

Do you know the consequence of the shipment damage? It can cost you. These losses can be serious, both for your brand reputation and for your profits.

Whether these losses are tangible or intangible, you will lose too much of them for you. And we can see that it’s too expensive. Grocery store managers association (GMA) and the food marketing institute (FMI) calculates a conclusion, in food, beverage and consumer goods shipped, found that about 5% of the loss, between point and point of sale in production. You can calculate it, it’s a huge loss, which is $500 million per year, or $50 million per year for a company of $10 million. In fact, you can see that these are serious losses. So, you need to find ways to reduce the loss of this product, and if the loss of the product is reduced, your profit will increase.

What you need to do is halve your shipping loss. How can you reduce your loss? You can use a better stretch wrap, stretching and wrapping can help you solve this problem.

Transport loss is not necessarily the cost of doing business, which is good news. And, after research, we found that this loss can be avoided. We’ve learned that if you use a better stretch wrap, this stretch wrap can help you cut your losses by half. Why should we reduce such losses? Because your product will hurt your customers.

Because of damage to the ship, the damage needs to be reduced. You can reduce your product damage by stretching the packaging effectively! Beginning from today, reduce the cost of transportation are you today, you can download our three principles of the drawing package, ten methods, through the interpretation of here, hope can provide great help for you!



Do you know how to prevent shipment of goods during shipment?

Do you know how to prevent shipment of goods during shipment? In fact, if you have a good method, it’s easy. And the failure of your pallet to be shipped has been greatly reduced.

When pallets arrive at their destination, a lot of pressure will be borne by them. All these pot holes, restrictions and sudden stops may result in a leak in the tray when the loading occurs. One of the main reasons you don’t want to ignore the damage is probably because of this. There are two things you can do here. If you do this, the failure of pallet cargo during shipment can be maintained.

First, work unitary is loaded correctly.

In fact, as we all know, this is your first defense. One of the most popular methods today is stretching the packaging. As we can see, if you pack the load better, you will have less damage to your load. The best thing for you is to use the machine.

However, when you’re effectively packing, it’s a rare thing to know if you want to tell. You can follow these rules because these rules can help you create one of the biggest survival opportunities.

Do you know the number of containers needed for the application? The effect of the pressure stretch film on the load is the containment force. For your load, if it doesn’t have enough containment, then we can see that it has an unnecessary risk of failure. Using a thin film cable to lock the load onto a tray is something you can do. If you’re going to roll the cable and apply it to the membrane underneath the tray, do you know what that does? It prevents the load from slipping off the tray. This is very helpful to protect the product. The cable placement is also very particular, it can make the fork from the Angle of the puncture, as a forklift or a tray, jack picks up the load.


There’s one more thing you don’t know

Actually, there’s one more thing you don’t know. What you don’t know is hurting you!

If the product is damaged, do you know you are hurting yourself? Let’s see!

We all know that if a photo of a truck fails to ship, or something like the one in photo 2 is damaged. In fact, we can all see that it’s obvious harm – that’s the kind of catastrophic injury we see or hear. Do you know where these products are going? This is in the reclamation and reprocessing centers, even in landfills.

Of course, there are some injuries you don’t know about. Because of this kind of harm, it will have a great impact on you, so you should try to avoid it

However, these injuries are injuries that we do not hear or see. So, these injuries are invisible injuries. At the same time, this is a subtle, non-catastrophic injury. As you can see, only a small fraction of the “made” can happen when it reaches its destination. It can be diverse, for example, it can be simple and waste of time. At the same time, it may cause additional efforts and inconveniences. At the same time, did you see photo 3? They’ll also be like this, they’re on the truck, they need to reinstall a tray before they’re unloaded. This is something that has to be done.

We can see only a few units or shipping containers on a single tray. But the boxes are not good, they are worn, dented or crushed. You can look at picture 4. That’s what they are. Do you know what the Marketing Department or sales team is thinking? They want to replace the product at a time, if they have this idea, or sales because of these reasons, so you can see a result, this will happen as a result, the product is damaged.




Stretch Wrapping


But it’s also invisible, which is the same thing as the cockroaches hiding behind your walls.

The insidious danger of small damage.

When the news of major damage is widely circulated, less visible damage is not heard. A cereal box with a broken corner or a concave canned vegetable is its form. When was the last time you reached for a box of cereal and you saw a corner smashed? Do you remember? You must have considered buying it again and again. Maybe a competitive brand will be chosen by you.

We all know that if an imperfect product gets into store shelves, it can be damaged for brand loyalty. Sometimes, do you know how to deal with these damaged products? These damaged products must be sold at a discount. So the profits have been greatly reduced.

In fact, this type of damage is not noticeable. In general, a major catastrophe will not happen. However, this does not mean that the damage did not happen. At the same time, it has a big impact.

As we mentioned above, your reputation is one of the costs of this damage. One of the hardest things to measure is this. But you can feel its ripples. Of course, a box of damaged cereal won’t damage the brand’s reputation. But, over time, do you know what’s going to happen? A history and injury pattern can happen.

How are products sold? Is it for sale at a discount? Similarly, if only once, it would not have a significant impact on profits. However, if it becomes a regular event, we can see that it can have a measurable effect.

How should big and small damages be resolved?

The cockroach is always there, and it may always be there. They also don’t need to be so for transport and pallet damage. Because when we do something, we have tools.


Do you see any damage for the products and trays?

pallet wrapping, stretch film

Do you see any damage to the products and trays?

When was the last time you saw a cockroach crawling out of your foot or freezer? Was it last month? Was it last year? In fact, it’s more likely that you see an image in a horror movie, or a few images. Usually, we see very little of them. In fact, we all find that they are invisible and that they hide behind the soles of their feet or under the refrigerator. Then they waited for us to go to sleep. Then they can come out. We don’t want to admit it, but it’s always there.

Now, you can consider the transportation loss. As we all know, it doesn’t happen very often. But every time you load a tray, we can see that there’s always a risk of loss.

Do you know any visible damage here?

You know that a catastrophic event was something we were sure of, and a truck was rejected by the customer. That may happen when a retailer opens a truck door, but the retailer finds a pile of broken glass bottles. Or the broken farm tray they found. You can see that this is visible damage. This is a cockroach hazard. They rush past your feet. This is the harm you hear, but in fact, you can prevent it from happening.

Generally speaking, because of this damage, the damage will prompt the company to re-evaluate their stretching packaging strategy. Sometimes, we can see that it will lead to new packaging standards being set up, or people will buy new machines.

When large and costly losses occur, there is usually a significant change in the packaging. Because bigger, more expensive losses in the future need to be prevented.