UPVC profile bundling and bagging with woven bag



Our PVC pipe bundling and bagging line not just can be used for packing pipes, but also can work on profiles, but there are also have some problems that we need to be awared.

Inquiry from a customer:

Dear Sir,

We are manufacturer of UPVC profiles used to manufacture doors and windows . the length of the upvc profiles are 5.8 mtr. We want to pack and bundle the same. Kindly suggest which machine will be suitable along with the cost of the machine.

With warm Regards

Dear xxxxx:

Im Tao Zheng, work for Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co..,Ltd.

Thanks for your inquiry.

For making the solution for you, we may need more information from you as below:

 bundle No  Length width height Weight
Conveyor motor drive/unmaned Length


Here are the videos of our machines: https://www.fhopepack.com/videos/automatic-horizontal-wrapping-machine-and-oribtal-wrapper/




Please reply me with your information and let us know what kind of packing material you are using?

Best regards


Dear Mr Tao,

As required by you we are enclosing herewith details of the packing required by you.


Further first as shown in your video we will be packing through stretch film 3 points of the profile and then after we want to cover it with woven sacks   ( what do you mean “cover it with woven sacks”, wrapping it by woven belt or pack it in woven bag? please see the pictures I have attached)and finally pack it ( do you mean wrap it again?).

Pls suggest .

With warm Regards

Yes my friend I meant woven bag as shown in the photo.

Dear xxxxxx:
How about the two ends of the woven bag? Sewed by two sewing machines or wrapped by two wrapping machines with tape?
The price for your solution is very expensive.
Best regards