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But it’s also invisible, which is the same thing as the cockroaches hiding behind your walls.

The insidious danger of small damage.

When the news of major damage is widely circulated, less visible damage is not heard. A cereal box with a broken corner or a concave canned vegetable is its form. When was the last time you reached for a box of cereal and you saw a corner smashed? Do you remember? You must have considered buying it again and again. Maybe a competitive brand will be chosen by you.

We all know that if an imperfect product gets into store shelves, it can be damaged for brand loyalty. Sometimes, do you know how to deal with these damaged products? These damaged products must be sold at a discount. So the profits have been greatly reduced.

In fact, this type of damage is not noticeable. In general, a major catastrophe will not happen. However, this does not mean that the damage did not happen. At the same time, it has a big impact.

As we mentioned above, your reputation is one of the costs of this damage. One of the hardest things to measure is this. But you can feel its ripples. Of course, a box of damaged cereal won’t damage the brand’s reputation. But, over time, do you know what’s going to happen? A history and injury pattern can happen.

How are products sold? Is it for sale at a discount? Similarly, if only once, it would not have a significant impact on profits. However, if it becomes a regular event, we can see that it can have a measurable effect.

How should big and small damages be resolved?

The cockroach is always there, and it may always be there. They also don’t need to be so for transport and pallet damage. Because when we do something, we have tools.


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