The strength of corrugated paper will be severely affected by high humidity.

The strength of corrugated paper will be severely affected by high humidity. In 95% humidity and 50% humidity, corrugated paper will fall 71%.

Thinner of corrugated paperboard and corrugated plate containing more recycled content will be the trend of we consider that the strength of the corrugated board and maximize performance need to be protected, which compared with at any time.

Make sure your box has a good start and the best start. At the same time, you have to make sure he stands up. So they’re “squares”, and we can see that they’re both horizontal and vertical angles of 90 degrees. Do you see those stacked boxes? They are vertically aligned on both sides, and 30% of the stack strength is enhanced.

You can click here, there are more cases of square. You can understand it better

This is a big problem.

When arriving at the distribution center, up to 11% of the unit load is impaired to a certain extent. On average, do you know what it is? It’s usually about 2 percent.

Some estimate that about $60 billion of ineffectual stretch packaging in consumer goods, food and beverage industries each year is being caused by the inability to sell products’ global value.

Here is an article about how to reduce this transport loss.

Here is a key solution plan

“What you find is deeper information, more precisely identifying the root of the problem, better making and executing corrective action plans is what you can accomplish.”

A root cause analysis is a key element of this strategy, which is revealed by the “where, what, and why” product damage. Throughout the supply chain, the stages are set up to influence, save, and improve.

Do you know what it’s like to monitor the packaging line operation and the tracking fees generated by the damage? They provide useful data for evaluating the effectiveness of your stretching packaging. Baseline data is created, do you know what the benefits are? It’s easy to make comparisons with the previous images. It is also easier to deal with search damage solutions.



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