What’s going on in packaging field?

In the past, in the packaging field the work usually down manually. That’s because there weren’t too many packaging machines have been designed. And the work could be heavy for most works, usually cause backache and exhaustion. Workers often like to describe themselves after finished their one day’s duty as been drained off.

This is how people used to work. But luckily, today’s workers don’t need to bear those anymore. With the development of technology, we have made different kinds of packaging machines and more are still coming out. From food to beverage to industrial products, always can find one solution each of them. And the benefits are obvious. First, less heavy work. Second, better work environment. Third, less cost( both labor cost and material cost).  Fourth, a faster speed and a higher capacity.

As an expert in the coil packaging industry, we have developed few special packaging line for customers. They are designed according to the customers’ circumstance. The packaging line can coordinate with their production line, and more sensors and high tech device has been used to make the machine runs automatically. Further more, PLC and HIM allows the customers to have personalized setting for their specific tasks. Local and remote control system for users have more convenience in controlling the line.

In the future, we are pretty sure that artificial intelligence can be used to those machines and bring another revolution to the industry.

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