What do we know about the shrink packing machine?

When we go shopping in a big market, we usually choose to buy a product with a tight and nice package. Yes, people tend to pick those products because they think these products are well protected and produced by good manufacturers. But this package might be difficult to achieve especially for those products which are irregular in shapes and sizes.

Timber and aluminum profile can be the most difficult products to do shrink packing. Their long length and rough surface make it seems to be uncontrollable to cope.

But, the latest shrink packing machine for timber and aluminum profile seems is made for tackling those issues. The machine covers the products with plastic film and then cut the material with it’s unique automatic cutting device. Cut and seal the package just at the same time. After all of these, the packaged products will go to the shrink tunnel, the high temperature sets just at the moderate rate. It’s the best temperature to make the package to shrink, but it’s also just below the temperature which can damage the products. The temperature will be controlled by the intelligent system and indicator will alarm if anything goes wrong.


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