Do you know how stretching the packaging will help the environment?

Do you know how stretching the packaging will help the environment? In fact, stretching packaging is not only helpful for product packaging, but also for the environment.

When products are shipped from one location to another, they arrive at their destination unscathed. Do you know the harm of shipping damage? It does reduce profits. If you make the same mistake over a period of time, these mistakes can lead to huge losses. So, what you need to do is reduce the damage.

But do you know what the impact of low security loads on the environment is?

One day, damage to the distribution center.

Here is a carefully packaged cargo tray that looks as good as leaving the factory, and no transport loss exists. Everyone on the supply chain embodies that. And it can effectively deliver these goods to consumers’ homes in need.

But when things go wrong, do you know what’s in the damaged product? It includes not only the extra transportation costs at the company level. A damaged product is considered the worst case when it is deemed unusable or inappropriate, since the product cannot be sold. In many cases, we send these goods directly to the community landfill. To a large extent, the public cannot see the process. Generally speaking, do you know how to deal with damaged products? They are simply buried. Do you know why? Because it’s the cheapest option to deal with transportation loss, but we all know it’s unnecessary waste. So, if you want to avoid this unnecessary waste, you will need to increase the level of the stretch packaging, and if you waste more, the damage to the environment will be increased.

The cost of transportation and processing, the cost of transporting fuel, plus the cost of making all the goods initially, and the raw materials used to make the product initially.



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