Do you know how to stretch the packing?

Do you know how to stretch the packing? It can protect your profits and your brand. This is a good protection for the profits of merchants!

Do you know what the main purpose of stretching packing is? It allows your products to be delivered to your customers from where they are produced. The process is just like they were made. But do you know what happens when these uniform loads are placed behind the truck? Their journey began. Do you know what will happen next? It will go beyond your control. If you can’t effectively stretch the load, they can get hurt, which is a serious consequence.

In fact, we all know that for damage, it can happen to anything. We can see that it has fallen into a sunken cereal box from the truck-loaded pallet product. The company wasted its time and money. At the same time, the company’s reputation is likely to suffer from serious damage.

“I can’t sell it!

You can think of what happens when a two-liter bottle falls behind the truck. The effect of this decline is huge, and it could cause some bottles to explode. We can see that the rest is sticky. Therefore, these products are not to be sold, we must dispose of these products.

When the truck door is opened by the retailer, if they find the damaged goods, do you know how they feel? They are likely to be frustrated. So many people close the doors and send the truck back to the manufacturer, which is what most people do. If this happens over and over again, it will be a matter of reconsideration if they carry these products. Because this is a very important issue, you need to think about it separately to get the best results.

Do you know this type of damage is very expensive? All costs of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, cleaning, disposal and replacement are included.


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