Stretch Wrapping

In fact, the damage is largely avoidable, and this is good news. Therefore, we need to use the correct stretching packaging method to prevent this loss effectively!

“I can’t buy it!

Do you know any damage to the damaged products? It will damage your brand reputation.

You can think of a can of soup on the grocery store shelf. Are you reaching for it or reaching for the one behind it? The most likely behavior of the consumer is to push the dent to one side, and a person in good condition will be caught. Or looking for a competitive brand is worse. If so, our own profit will be reduced, but the profit of competitors will increase, which is a very bad result!

Do you know what the truth is? The loss is too great, the cost too high is the fact. It is reported that we can see that the damaged items already have 0.5% of food and consumer goods. In fact, this may not seem like much, but, globally, do you know how much the losses will cost the company each year? Does the $60 billion loss sound like a bit of a surprise? But transportation losses aren’t necessarily the cost of doing business, which is good news. The most important thing we need to do is to keep our transportation costs unchanged.

Do you know about half of the transportation losses are caused by what? Generally speaking, it is caused by the ineffective stretching packing. Generally speaking, as long as the quality of the packaging is improved, transportation losses can be greatly reduced for most companies. If you want to learn more, you can refer to our blog about effective stretching packaging.

Damage due to ship damage should be reduced. The 10-step process of your stretch wrap is what I want to get. You can reduce the damage by stretching the packaging more effectively. Your transportation loss can also be reduced today. It’s very helpful to improve your profits!


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