Manual Packaging

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But you should also know that simply replacing manual packaging with a machine is not a panacea. It can’t do everything. There are other problems, such as throughput, material consumption, load control, and so on. So consider the details of the technical solution is on the one hand, and on the other hand is that you need to ensure the safety of the machine itself, at the same time, reduce the risk of workplace accidents is our ultimate goal.

As we mentioned before, do you know what a typical loading dock looks like? In fact, it has a lot of activities the scene, for example, for example, it can sometimes be a little chaotic, sometimes horn, sometimes there will be open and close the door of the voice, forklift will be constantly moving back and forth, in the absence of any warnings, swinging back and forth in the corner of the situation. In all of these activities, a simple machine is easily overlooked, and some of the potentially harmful risks of pallet packaging are easily overlooked. But, you know, it’s a mistake.

Do you know what other security features of many semi-automatic stretch wrappers include? Generally speaking, it includes:

If the film is interrupted, you need to make an emergency stop between the mast and the distance of the car.

The series semi-automatic (turntable) film transmission system is hung on a loose strap. As we can see, if the film transmission system encountered an obstacle, such as the body part is a barrier, it would be relaxed. Relaxation is detected by a switch, and the drop in the film delivery system needs to be stopped to avoid loss.

It is very important to improve the security of the warehouse. You need to keep it firmly in mind.

When looking for suppliers, it is very important to select suppliers with sufficient experience to understand how to produce safely. The thing you need to do is find a machine that’s enough. At the same time, you need to anticipate potential problems when you see enough of them. Actually, you don’t have to worry about them… You can manage yourself. But it’s your job to make sure the supplier can do it.





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