Preparation — do you know what an important concept in life is? It’s just stretching the packaging.

The key to success is preparation. When you’re ready to do your homework, you’ll get half the effort. The packaging of any type of stretch is no exception. Just like before painting a wall, you also need to do the preparation work, which is a principle. The first step in building a safe boat is to prepare your load on a tray. But here, you have something to remember:

The appropriate size tray needs to be used. Do you know what the edge of the load should look like? It shouldn’t be more than two inches, either from the edge of the panel or from the outside. If the load exceeds the load. The damage is very easy to happen. Because it’s handled. If there is too much of a load, we all know that it will be very difficult to keep it safe. At the same time, the corner of the pallet exposure can often cause problems, such as the rupture of the membrane. So the situation where the operator reduces the packaging force will appear. It’s the butterfly effect. Broken trays should be freed. The cracks in the tray are also dangerous, and it is prone to sharp edges, and the sharp edges can puncture the film. Stretching the wrapper operator does not like film rest. As already noted, reducing packaging power is what they tend to be. Because it’s our purpose to reduce or prevent them. The stack is strong. It is more prone to failure for low stack loads. Do you know how much of the accumulated strength of those boxes that don’t have a vertical alignment? In general, it loses 30% of its accumulated strength. You’re doing their job that needs to be made sure that your product needs to be protected.

One of the biggest cost drivers is the damage to your product, when the load arrives at your destination from your dock.






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