Stretch Film

That means that all the angles have to be 90 degrees. Do you know what it does? It prevents the product from moving and damaging immediately during packaging.

As time passes, we know that this is important for the packaging process. As we can see, the box is packed and closed at a right Angle. If the closed edges of the box are not completely vertical, we can see that the corners of the boxes do not lean against each other, which reduces the load strength of the tray. In the meantime, the case of the box collapse will also occur. If this happens frequently, it will have a bad effect!

Loading tray.

Do you know what these boxes should look like? It must be stacked correctly on the tray, because the maximum load intensity is its purpose. We can see that everything must be in the trays’ footprint: do you know what it means to have no boxes sticking out? It means there are no broken corners. If in the top, middle and bottom of the tray, enough sealing force on it, so, in the course of carriage, for your valuable product shell, it can get the maximum protection.

How to properly load or stretch your tray, you know? 3 keys to effective stretch wrapping can be checked. How to fix the load of the pallet in the speed of the package is also needed to learn.

Packaging is essential.

When these security cases arrive at distribution centers and stores, we can see that they look good. Meanwhile, the goods were not damaged. Underestimating the importance of packaging is something we shouldn’t do. Because packing is special and important for transportation. What we know very well is the packaging, which will help you to get from a to B products without damage is what we expect.


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