Product Damage

Transport damage reduced sales by 5%!

However, another mode of transportation is a form of transportation that is unacceptable. Do you know what the grocery manufacturers association and the food marketing association tell us? For example, for example, transportation losses in food, beverage and consumer goods industries, such as losses incurred in factories and outlets. These losses are 5% of the total sales. As we can see, the losses are huge. If you can figure out how to avoid these losses, people’s costs will be reduced and profits will go up.

Do you know what the bad news is? That’s the equivalent of a loss of $1 billion a year in the United States, which is bad news. But there is good news here, and the good news is that the damage can be avoided. So what can be done to prevent this loss? We can look at that.

  • Reducing transport losses is standard practice.

We need to place the tray table and seat back in an upright position, and the thing you need to do when we’re sitting is to fasten our seatbelts. In flight, we can’t move in the cabin. Almost all of their transportation losses have been eliminated by airlines, which is a good result.

Do you know how different damage problems arise? It is made up of the products of the transport tray. But it’s like an airplane passenger injury, and if you use standard procedures, you can avoid these problems.

Do you know the main reason for the damage of pallet loading and transportation?

You can create package instability by reducing the material in the main package. Loads that are not suitable for their pallets need to be built. Using a tray to make loose or irregular loads is something you need to use. But there is a gap between the damage caused by the loading of the truck and the damage caused by the load. Universal poverty stretch packaging.




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