Do you know how to stretch the packing?

Do you know how to stretch the packing? Do you know that stretching packaging prevents your profit from being reduced? Do you know how it reduces your profit margins? Now, let’s take a look at this.

We can see that the $200 opportunity is not a good bet. Now, let’s see.

You can imagine that you were on a Boeing 767, and this time, there were 199 passengers on board. When the plane flew to the gate of the destination, the plane would open the walkie-talkie and say, “stay seated until we unload the wounded on the plane, and you can move.” Then, at the jetty, the door opened and a paramedic rushed in, and the injured passenger was quickly evacuated.

If this happens on a regular flight, from a passenger’s point of view, how much success do you think these flights have?

To do mathematics, I can say that you are quite successful. After all, we can see that for 99.5% of passengers, they can all arrive intact. But only 5% have a question, and if so, do you know how much damage the load does? This is equivalent to a load damage rate of only 5%. In fact, if you look at this number, it’s acceptable because it’s not too shabby. But to be fair, you know what better results? A better result is that all passengers can arrive on all flights intact. To do that, we have to work hard.

A near-zero percent load damage rate is the best, and when we get used to that number — that number is actually delivered by airlines. 5 percent is actually a lot, you know what that means? On average, one out of every 200 passengers is injured, which is what 5% represents. It’s an unacceptable level of risk, and that’s probably what most of us think. Because too many people get hurt.


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