Stretch Wrappers

At the other end, a giant canned beverage maker needs to be considered. Do you know what the factory is like? It is a huge automation facilities, its role is to “timely” product, a supplier of LIDS were included, delivery of 250000 aluminum foil on a tray, it can also realize, isn’t that great? .

We can make a hypothesis that if there are 250,000 aluminum LIDS on the truck that are going to spread across the trailer, then it’s very likely that they will delay their production. And it will certainly take time and labor. Why? Because they need time and labor to clean up. We have large automated assembly line is very tall to the requirement of some of the product components, on the one hand, it not only reached the factory must be intact, and they can be stacked perfectly and packing still in the factory is looking forward to. In this way, they can be put into production immediately. Do you know what a broken lid does? It is completely lost and unusable, and the broken lid has lost time and benefits to suppliers and recipients.

In both cases, you can see that brand image and reputation are at stake. It is impossible for them to easily compensate their customers if a small supplier encounters a loss of transport. If a large company loses time due to damage to the ship, the cost of its delay will be high, sometimes as high as tens of thousands of dollars. It’s really a big loss.

Do you know what the butterfly effect is to achieve proper control over the pallet load? In fact, it has more impact than most people realize. Why is that? Because it affects not only those who have to pick up the pieces, but also the bottom line of the company and other companies.



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