Are we ready for the change in the future?

The world has been developing fast in the last century, we human beings experienced from the second industrial revolution to the third industrial revolution. Machinery has replaced labor in mass production and made products become cheaper.

It all seems that pros are always more than cons. But actually those changes has set a test on companies who are in the fierce competitions. Yes, all the changes may bring opportunities but also bring challenges to us. In the market, companies who do not have strategy and less competitive will surely be eliminated.

As we are in the packaging industry, we found it’s really important to keep on investing and studying on new technology and conception. We need to be flexible, and not just in the way we work but also in the way we make our products. So many people talked with me about their experience, it’s seems they can’t find the right machine they want despite the fact that inflation has appeared in the market already. Why does this happen? The reason is we always want to do things in a simple way, to copy others, to follow the trend, to be alike with others. What we forgot is what does customer really need,  their special requirement.

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