The role of conveyors

For an automatic horizontal wrapping machine, the conveyors can be an essential part. Because without the conveyors, the machine needs many workers to associate. When the conveyors are power by the motors and controlled by PLC and converters, it can run automatic and workers just need to put the goods on the conveyors manually or by forklift. The sensors can detect the goods when they arrive at certain points. So, no more heavy work load and physic work, it just all take over by the machine itself.

But choosing and making the machine can be difficult. First, there are mainly four types conveyor, the roll type, the belt type, the chain type and the chain board type. Each has their own character, for instance the roll type are capable to bear heavy weight and the belt type is cheap and convenient and protective but can not bear good with very heavy weight. When you need to choose a type of conveyor, you really need to look at your products and decide which can be the best choice for you.

Difficulties also appears when make the conveyor. First, the material. It needs to be strong enough to bear the load and friction. Second, parallelism is really hard to control and the conveyors are easy to lean to one side.

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