Some thing about self renewal

In the ancient time, no matter a country or a person would constantly advance themselves with the newest skills and sharpest weapons. Because of the harsh living environment and fierce competition between tribes and individuals, they had to keep themselves on the top at their age.

Back to today’s world, thing has changed a lot. The big environment has been improved dramatically and people are tend to behave in a civilized manner. But competition still remains. And this time it’s not just between individuals or countries, it’s more between companies. Without constantly studying and keep accepting new things, a man can be abandoned by the era. Without the advanced technology and machinery, a company also can be losing behind. That’s what we call self renewal.

In the mechanical industry, we see many companies still remain on the way they do their business. Old workmanship, old machinery, old sales format. Some of them even still rely on cheap labor and manual work. They need to change themselves otherwise the market will change them by the way of eliminating them.

Just like the great naturalist Darwin said, the survival belongs to the most adaptive ones, the market is also always belong to the ones who are constantly doing their self renewal.

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