The stability of coveying by roller conveyor

We got clients worry about their product. They really think the goods might fall down when it’s on conveyors or the wrapping machine.

Here is an example:

Customer A:

Hi again!

It seems you didn’t understand me correctly. What I mean is as follows:
Measures of the pallet are 0.80m /1.20m. 3 rows with 12 x 5 gallon bottles are uploaded on the pallet. So we think the pallet itself will be shaking through the roller road and bottles may fall down.
The problem is uploaded pallet in this way is unstable even if just stay on the roller road without moving.
Now I hope explained it more clearly.
Could you send me a picture of it first? I can’t tell how we gonna tackle this problem without seeing it.
Hope to get it soon.
Best regards
Customer A:
I attach picture and video to see what I mean.
But get in mind measures of pallet shown are not what we need.
Ours are 1.20/0.80 – Euro standart.
So you will assure what our concern is about – unstability of pallet and its movement through the roller road automatically.
If there are boards placed between each layers, then the whole load is stable for the machine to pack. There will be no vibration when it goes through the roller road.
What I really suggest you to improve is to add a top press down device, this will secure the loads won’t fall when the machine starts wrapping. Please see the videos below:
I hope you can get my point.
Customer A:
Thank you for videos and your suggestion, it’s a really good one.
We’ll discuss and give you answer next week.
Actually, it rarely have vibration if the pallet is bottom flat and in good quality, roller conveyors are very even and smooth to pass on.
So, use good pallets and load the goods in a more cared way is the basic way to reduce the risk and decrease your damage.

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