The role of conveyors

For an automatic horizontal wrapping machine, the conveyors can be an essential part. Because without the conveyors, the machine needs many workers to associate. When the conveyors are power by the motors and controlled by PLC and converters, it can run automatic and workers just need to put the goods on the conveyors manually or by forklift. The sensors can detect the goods when they arrive at certain points. So, no more heavy work load and physic work, it just all take over by the machine itself.

But choosing and making the machine can be difficult. First, there are mainly four types conveyor, the roll type, the belt type, the chain type and the chain board type. Each has their own character, for instance the roll type are capable to bear heavy weight and the belt type is cheap and convenient and protective but can not bear good with very heavy weight. When you need to choose a type of conveyor, you really need to look at your products and decide which can be the best choice for you.

Difficulties also appears when make the conveyor. First, the material. It needs to be strong enough to bear the load and friction. Second, parallelism is really hard to control and the conveyors are easy to lean to one side.

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Some thing about self renewal

In the ancient time, no matter a country or a person would constantly advance themselves with the newest skills and sharpest weapons. Because of the harsh living environment and fierce competition between tribes and individuals, they had to keep themselves on the top at their age.

Back to today’s world, thing has changed a lot. The big environment has been improved dramatically and people are tend to behave in a civilized manner. But competition still remains. And this time it’s not just between individuals or countries, it’s more between companies. Without constantly studying and keep accepting new things, a man can be abandoned by the era. Without the advanced technology and machinery, a company also can be losing behind. That’s what we call self renewal.

In the mechanical industry, we see many companies still remain on the way they do their business. Old workmanship, old machinery, old sales format. Some of them even still rely on cheap labor and manual work. They need to change themselves otherwise the market will change them by the way of eliminating them.

Just like the great naturalist Darwin said, the survival belongs to the most adaptive ones, the market is also always belong to the ones who are constantly doing their self renewal.

What is pre-stretch?

During the pallet wrapping, the stretch film goes through two different forces by a wrapper: stretch and pre-stretch. The stretch occurs when the film is placed around the pallet, so that a sufficient tension in order to contain the palletised load is achieved. However, there is also another method to optimise the quantity of stretch film on the cargo: the pre-stretch. This system tightens the stretch film (achieved with an electronic motorized pre-stretch carriage) and optimises the necessary quantity of stretch film in order to wrap the pallet, stabilising the load.

In automatic wrappers, the pre-stretch carriage takes the film through rubber coated rollers. These are connected by a system of motorized transmission that generates different rotation speeds of the rollers. The film is then stretched between them and extended for the quantity equal to the difference of rotation speed between the rollers. At this point, the film is released on the cargo.

However, how much is the stretch film pre-stretched?  This depends on every machine, because each wrapper is created in order to pre-stretch the film until a certain point. The percentages go from 150% to 300%, which is always more common nowadays thanks to high technology wrappers.

In the end, we can say that the pre-stretch of stretch film allows concrete and sure savings in terms of money. The extension of film ensures a lesser amount of material to efficiently wrap the pallet and to stabilise the load.

Are we ready for the change in the future?

The world has been developing fast in the last century, we human beings experienced from the second industrial revolution to the third industrial revolution. Machinery has replaced labor in mass production and made products become cheaper.

It all seems that pros are always more than cons. But actually those changes has set a test on companies who are in the fierce competitions. Yes, all the changes may bring opportunities but also bring challenges to us. In the market, companies who do not have strategy and less competitive will surely be eliminated.

As we are in the packaging industry, we found it’s really important to keep on investing and studying on new technology and conception. We need to be flexible, and not just in the way we work but also in the way we make our products. So many people talked with me about their experience, it’s seems they can’t find the right machine they want despite the fact that inflation has appeared in the market already. Why does this happen? The reason is we always want to do things in a simple way, to copy others, to follow the trend, to be alike with others. What we forgot is what does customer really need,  their special requirement.

When is the right time to change the old machines


It often comes to our mind, when is the right time to change or machines.

First, let me ask why we need to change the machines that we used for so many years. I think there are various reason. But mainly there are four.

First, safety concern. Old machines are much more dangerous than a new one, the parts are not as good as it used to be.  Second, too much waste. Old machines are not as reliably as a new one, when it goes wrong,definitely a lot of waste will be produced. Third, the capacity. Old machines are not as efficient as the latest ones, they will delay your production and put your business in risk. Fourth, the repair costs. As old machines usually break down and needs to replace some of the parts, the repair costs just can go through the roof sometimes.

So, take all those facts into concern, it might be a wise choice to buy a new one. Because, all the costs can be over several times than the price of a new one.

In the end, I want to know do you still don’t want to change your old machines regarding all these

What do we know about the shrink packing machine?

When we go shopping in a big market, we usually choose to buy a product with a tight and nice package. Yes, people tend to pick those products because they think these products are well protected and produced by good manufacturers. But this package might be difficult to achieve especially for those products which are irregular in shapes and sizes.

Timber and aluminum profile can be the most difficult products to do shrink packing. Their long length and rough surface make it seems to be uncontrollable to cope.

But, the latest shrink packing machine for timber and aluminum profile seems is made for tackling those issues. The machine covers the products with plastic film and then cut the material with it’s unique automatic cutting device. Cut and seal the package just at the same time. After all of these, the packaged products will go to the shrink tunnel, the high temperature sets just at the moderate rate. It’s the best temperature to make the package to shrink, but it’s also just below the temperature which can damage the products. The temperature will be controlled by the intelligent system and indicator will alarm if anything goes wrong.


What can a packaging machine do for us?

First,before I start my speech I would like to say a lot of people think package is really unnecessary and even can be a waste. Yes, that’s right.  Today , we see too much products have been over packaged, like peeled banana packaged with plastic bag. They are really can be a waste, even needs to be punished.

But here I want to say, not every package is bad or unnecessary. In fact, most package is essential to the products. Because without package, the products may be easy to be damaged or polluted. Think about it, if your products are covered with dust or stained by water, how can you sell it out and how can you make profits. Necessary package even more important for transportation, too much risk when the products be dragged or thrown by the workers.

Another problem can be how we are going to tackle the huge work load of packaging our products. Don’t worry, here is an easy solution. Professional packaging machine can cope all of these. No need to do all the physical work in the manual way, you just need to press the button and wait the machine finishing it’s work and calling for you. Despite the high efficiency and better work environment, another advantage is that the package can be tighter and nicer. This can make your product looks attractive and bring a better sale for you.


PLC、Converter -the key elements of machiens

In today’s machinery industry, PLC and Converter became a really important component of machines. But, why is that so essential?

I think the answer is obvious. Machines need to be more automatic and PLC and Converter all we to achieve that. Today’s machine requires higher speed and less energy cost. Converter can provide the required power supply voltage according to the actual needs of the motor, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation. And PLC can make a better management of the machine by controlling all the electric components.

In recently years, we see that most of our customers only look for automatic type packaging machine when they come to us. Because, instead of controlling manually, the PLC control system can be more accurate. The machine actually is set into a certain pattern, it stops when it should stop and starts when it should start. Less waste and more free time for the operators.

With the help of sensors, the machine even can be set by operators individually. All of these changes are because human’s work have been taken over by these electric components.




Let’s finish things just in one time

In the production industry, many of practitioners complain the repetitive work. They are inefficient and tiring most of the times. Almost every one wants to escape it and improve the situation. But the question is -how?

How can we change this as there is no innovation and better management,and how are we going to achieve that goal. I believe, with dedicated study of the production process and constant learning in new technology we can achieve it.

For instance, one century ago, there probably no harvester and others machines for farming, but just in the lasted century, we human beings developed all sorts of farming machines. Innovations are keep coming and new technology has been applied to it. Today, it’s so easy to find the farming machine that you want and is perfect for your requirement.

In the cable production industry, we are luckily to have the latest coiling and packing machine. This is actually a line contains coiling process and strapping and packaging process.

With this functional machine, this is no need to move the cable or coils back and forth. Cable will be coiled just after come out from the production line then will be delivered to strapping station by conveyors then to stretch wrapping or bagging station then into the shrink tunnel. Just in few minutes, a well packed cable coil will come out from the end of the line without any interference of human.

This really is a difference, not just for saving your labor cost, but also improving your capacity. If you don’t agree, please think about all the repetitive work you do everyday.


What’s going on in packaging field?

In the past, in the packaging field the work usually down manually. That’s because there weren’t too many packaging machines have been designed. And the work could be heavy for most works, usually cause backache and exhaustion. Workers often like to describe themselves after finished their one day’s duty as been drained off.

This is how people used to work. But luckily, today’s workers don’t need to bear those anymore. With the development of technology, we have made different kinds of packaging machines and more are still coming out. From food to beverage to industrial products, always can find one solution each of them. And the benefits are obvious. First, less heavy work. Second, better work environment. Third, less cost( both labor cost and material cost).  Fourth, a faster speed and a higher capacity.

As an expert in the coil packaging industry, we have developed few special packaging line for customers. They are designed according to the customers’ circumstance. The packaging line can coordinate with their production line, and more sensors and high tech device has been used to make the machine runs automatically. Further more, PLC and HIM allows the customers to have personalized setting for their specific tasks. Local and remote control system for users have more convenience in controlling the line.

In the future, we are pretty sure that artificial intelligence can be used to those machines and bring another revolution to the industry.