Stretch Wrapping

Improving efficiency and reducing risk is the goal of all businesses, but what can we do to improve efficiency and reduce risk? By keeping the operators on their forklift, you can do this.

Recently, we’ve all seen a distribution center, which brings us to a question. Do you know what the impact of stretching packaging is? It is slowing down their forklift drivers. During the average shift, forklift operators can carry out nearly 200 forklifts. This frequency is still relatively high. At the same time, we all know that this customer’s problem is not unique, and that many of the warehouse operations that rely on manual stretch packaging have found a problem? They found that the process slowed down their speeds significantly, especially if they increased their volume significantly.

However, we all know that hand-wrappers are slow and boring, but not just. At the same time, manual packaging forces the operator to leave their forklift, which increases the risk of injury.

The risk of forklift. So what is the risk of a forklift?

According to the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA), a number of forklift accidents occur every year, with about 110,000 forklift accidents. In fact, according to the storage education and research council, a third of forklift drivers were injured when they got on and off the bus.

Do you know what it is to reduce the risk of forklift? We can take a look at that.

If you can’t do that, if you can’t do that, then you can take other measures, and other measures can also reduce the risk. Why can’t you do that? Automation cannot be maintained because of low volume or other factors.

Separating pedestrian and forklift traffic is one of the most basic risk reduction measures.


Does spring cleaning stretch wrap?

Does spring cleaning stretch wrap?

As you can see, spring is coming. Warmer weather, longer days, but also terrible allergies.

Do you know what’s needed for this new season? It also requires spring cleaning. Scrub the bathroom and the kitchen floor, sort out the closet, and donate something you don’t use anymore, and that’s all you need to do.

This is also a good time to clean up and restructure your warehouse and dock area. Checking machine maintenance is a great way to do it.

When checking your equipment, check your stretch wrapping paper. The main cause of downtime is lack of preventive maintenance, so this is a good opportunity to ensure that your machine is running smoothly.

For example, when it runs, you can listen to the sound of your stretching wrapper. If any squeaking or grinding sounds are heard, what you need to do is figure out why and fix it.

Any kind of tape will need to be checked by you — usually, the ones that drive the film delivery system, up and down, under the turntable, to make sure that they’re not frayed is your job. If changing the belt is something you need to do, you can call the manufacturer’s parts department. At the same time, a new shipment will be made. If it’s a good manufacturer, it will ship the parts the next day,

It’s important to carry out regular maintenance checks for your stretching pack. However, what you need to do is check to make sure that your stretcher wrapper can be effectively wrapped.

You have to know whether your load is safe or not, it’s not complicated. The concentration of it is in the control, this is the compression of the film, it’s accumulated on the load. The best defense against traffic damage is containment.

Knowing how much control your load requires is very important. And you need to make sure that there’s at least so much containment. If you don’t know how much control you need for your load, you can look for our recommendation chart.

Every year you need to check your machine, and by this step, the chances of an unexpected catastrophic maintenance problem are greatly reduced. The quality of your packaging needs to be checked, and the opportunities for your products can be increased. If so, it can achieve their purpose, and it can be done without any damage.


Manual Packaging

Trade, no horizontal.

But you should also know that simply replacing manual packaging with a machine is not a panacea. It can’t do everything. There are other problems, such as throughput, material consumption, load control, and so on. So consider the details of the technical solution is on the one hand, and on the other hand is that you need to ensure the safety of the machine itself, at the same time, reduce the risk of workplace accidents is our ultimate goal.

As we mentioned before, do you know what a typical loading dock looks like? In fact, it has a lot of activities the scene, for example, for example, it can sometimes be a little chaotic, sometimes horn, sometimes there will be open and close the door of the voice, forklift will be constantly moving back and forth, in the absence of any warnings, swinging back and forth in the corner of the situation. In all of these activities, a simple machine is easily overlooked, and some of the potentially harmful risks of pallet packaging are easily overlooked. But, you know, it’s a mistake.

Do you know what other security features of many semi-automatic stretch wrappers include? Generally speaking, it includes:

If the film is interrupted, you need to make an emergency stop between the mast and the distance of the car.

The series semi-automatic (turntable) film transmission system is hung on a loose strap. As we can see, if the film transmission system encountered an obstacle, such as the body part is a barrier, it would be relaxed. Relaxation is detected by a switch, and the drop in the film delivery system needs to be stopped to avoid loss.

It is very important to improve the security of the warehouse. You need to keep it firmly in mind.

When looking for suppliers, it is very important to select suppliers with sufficient experience to understand how to produce safely. The thing you need to do is find a machine that’s enough. At the same time, you need to anticipate potential problems when you see enough of them. Actually, you don’t have to worry about them… You can manage yourself. But it’s your job to make sure the supplier can do it.





When wrapping a tray, you need to use both hands.

When wrapping a tray, you need to use both hands. Do you know what that means? That means workers will have to lift the film. When they move backward during load, the steady pressure is applied. When they walk, they need to slowly bend over, because the lower part of the load is the ultimate goal. In fact, you can see that the scroll can be very heavy, which can be the same as any other heavy lifting. Do you know what it does? On the one hand, it can crush risks, from falling loads, and on the other hand, repetitive motion injury risks can be assumed.

However, we all know that the risk of injury does not end there. If you want to end the risk of injury, it’s not that simple. Workers also face a risk that is the risk of repetitive motion injuries, from the actions of the packaging itself, do you know how they keep the film and continue to bend and stretch? Do you know how they get to all levels of load?

In a circle, any time you walk backwards can be dangerous. That’s what our experience tells us. Workers may occur dizziness, of course, there are many causes of vertigo such as dizziness of circular motion can let them happen, and apparently a problem is they also don’t see where they are going. If an unsighted worker is busy at times, they are sometimes chaotic, so the risk of injury in a loading dock is greatly increased. This is also a bad thing.

You should know that manual packaging has many drawbacks and risks. For factory managers or process engineers, do you know what it means to look for less risk and improve the efficiency of loading dock? This means that this is obviously an easy place to be.




Do you know what impact your loading dock injury prevention plan has? Does it pose a safety hazard? You know what? Below, we can come to see specifically!

As we all know, if the damage is occurred in the workplace, it is a very expensive – it is embodied in the in many ways, for example, lost days, pay increases, the loss of reputation, commitment to the employees of the company, to work overtime, even is the basic moral costs, etc., these losses for a company, it is very serious. If you want to protect workers, you can do nothing reasonable.

So, do you know what the company is trying to do? It tries to prevent unsafe activities and behavior, thereby reducing the number of preventable workplace and loading docks, which is what the company is trying to accomplish. Actually, it’s not surprising. One of the core principles of a lean approach is to do so.

What you need to do is to design a risk-free process.

Identifying high-risk activities is a typical step, and it is easy to identify when loading dock bends and elevating such tasks. Also, process changes need to be implemented. Do you know why? It is also important that the demands for the workers’ actions that cause harm need to be eliminated.

The task of using a pallet wrapper to reduce the unpleasantness and vulnerability of hand-wrappers is a good example of this, and we can look at it. Generally speaking, we all think manual packing is cheap and convenient. In fact, it’s not the right idea, in other words, it’s a misconception. In addition to not requiring a machine, it typically increases operating costs in several ways:

First, it needed more film, which resulted in higher material costs being wasted. Second, longer time needs to be spent, because its throughput is slow, which leads to the increase of product damage rate in transportation, which is a few performances of increasing operating costs! As we all know, the load does not consistently contain and lock onto the tray.


Do you know any harm in the damaged products?

Do you know any harm in the damaged products? Do you know what the bad effects are? In fact, we can judge by experience that it can have a negative impact, for example, it can hurt your company’s profits.

Do you know what the stretch film does? It can fix the product and packaging on the tray. At the same time, it can help companies to reduce losses, which are usually caused by damage to products caused by transport losses.

But when the load fails, and the damaged products need to be processed, the impact factor is a lot. For example, it will be affected by the receiving end. At the same time, the entire supply chain may be affected. This is a bad situation.

First, we can make a hypothesis that a manufacturer often sends less than a truckload of goods. If there is any damage to their pallets and unusable conditions, at least for the consignee, do you know what it means? As we all know, it may not be equal to large freight charges. However, the important link between the shipper and the customer is still possible.

Do you know what the consequences might be? It could put relationships at risk, and the shipper’s loss of customers and income would also occur. Not to mention, if their customers can’t buy the product, do you know what their customers will make? It is likely to go elsewhere. So, for their sales, their sales could be hurt. And, as we can see, the damage could be huge.

For small vendors, do you know what the “butterfly effect” of wrong deterrence might lead to? Once that happens, product damage and shipping losses will occur. The end result is to erode any profits they may receive from their customers. This is a terrible result. Do you know what the small supplier will respond to? They are more dependent on each shipment of safe goods. Their brand image is important, and their brand image is heavily dependent on shipping companies, but it really depends on their stretching packaging and stretch film. So, we can see that the stretch wrap and stretch film are really important for the maintenance and protection of the products!




Stretch Wrapping

In fact, the damage is largely avoidable, and this is good news. Therefore, we need to use the correct stretching packaging method to prevent this loss effectively!

“I can’t buy it!

Do you know any damage to the damaged products? It will damage your brand reputation.

You can think of a can of soup on the grocery store shelf. Are you reaching for it or reaching for the one behind it? The most likely behavior of the consumer is to push the dent to one side, and a person in good condition will be caught. Or looking for a competitive brand is worse. If so, our own profit will be reduced, but the profit of competitors will increase, which is a very bad result!

Do you know what the truth is? The loss is too great, the cost too high is the fact. It is reported that we can see that the damaged items already have 0.5% of food and consumer goods. In fact, this may not seem like much, but, globally, do you know how much the losses will cost the company each year? Does the $60 billion loss sound like a bit of a surprise? But transportation losses aren’t necessarily the cost of doing business, which is good news. The most important thing we need to do is to keep our transportation costs unchanged.

Do you know about half of the transportation losses are caused by what? Generally speaking, it is caused by the ineffective stretching packing. Generally speaking, as long as the quality of the packaging is improved, transportation losses can be greatly reduced for most companies. If you want to learn more, you can refer to our blog about effective stretching packaging.

Damage due to ship damage should be reduced. The 10-step process of your stretch wrap is what I want to get. You can reduce the damage by stretching the packaging more effectively. Your transportation loss can also be reduced today. It’s very helpful to improve your profits!


Do you know how to stretch the packing?

Do you know how to stretch the packing? It can protect your profits and your brand. This is a good protection for the profits of merchants!

Do you know what the main purpose of stretching packing is? It allows your products to be delivered to your customers from where they are produced. The process is just like they were made. But do you know what happens when these uniform loads are placed behind the truck? Their journey began. Do you know what will happen next? It will go beyond your control. If you can’t effectively stretch the load, they can get hurt, which is a serious consequence.

In fact, we all know that for damage, it can happen to anything. We can see that it has fallen into a sunken cereal box from the truck-loaded pallet product. The company wasted its time and money. At the same time, the company’s reputation is likely to suffer from serious damage.

“I can’t sell it!

You can think of what happens when a two-liter bottle falls behind the truck. The effect of this decline is huge, and it could cause some bottles to explode. We can see that the rest is sticky. Therefore, these products are not to be sold, we must dispose of these products.

When the truck door is opened by the retailer, if they find the damaged goods, do you know how they feel? They are likely to be frustrated. So many people close the doors and send the truck back to the manufacturer, which is what most people do. If this happens over and over again, it will be a matter of reconsideration if they carry these products. Because this is a very important issue, you need to think about it separately to get the best results.

Do you know this type of damage is very expensive? All costs of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, cleaning, disposal and replacement are included.


Do you know the cost of this damage?

Do you know the cost of this damage? It may be small, but when your customers present inferior products, the quality of the brand is in question. What do you think will cost you? That can be costly.

Do you know the consequence of the shipment damage? It can cost you. These losses can be serious, both for your brand reputation and for your profits.

Whether these losses are tangible or intangible, you will lose too much of them for you. And we can see that it’s too expensive. Grocery store managers association (GMA) and the food marketing institute (FMI) calculates a conclusion, in food, beverage and consumer goods shipped, found that about 5% of the loss, between point and point of sale in production. You can calculate it, it’s a huge loss, which is $500 million per year, or $50 million per year for a company of $10 million. In fact, you can see that these are serious losses. So, you need to find ways to reduce the loss of this product, and if the loss of the product is reduced, your profit will increase.

What you need to do is halve your shipping loss. How can you reduce your loss? You can use a better stretch wrap, stretching and wrapping can help you solve this problem.

Transport loss is not necessarily the cost of doing business, which is good news. And, after research, we found that this loss can be avoided. We’ve learned that if you use a better stretch wrap, this stretch wrap can help you cut your losses by half. Why should we reduce such losses? Because your product will hurt your customers.

Because of damage to the ship, the damage needs to be reduced. You can reduce your product damage by stretching the packaging effectively! Beginning from today, reduce the cost of transportation are you today, you can download our three principles of the drawing package, ten methods, through the interpretation of here, hope can provide great help for you!



There is no long or drag film tail that you need to make sure of.

There is no long or drag film tail that you need to make sure of. Do you know what’s on the back of the film? It has a tendency to capture it in a downstream device. For example, the transmitter, automatic storage and retrieval system, which results in jam or film tearing or pulling products from the tray.

Second, the load trailer strategy.

If you use the correct mode, it will make it easy to uninstall. You know what the most important thing is? It protects the product from possible damage. In the weight and height of the tray, your load mode needs to be established.

Balance weight. It is important to distribute the weight evenly, as the moving of the trailer needs to be offset. The height difference between adjacent loads requires you to minimize it. Placing the same high adjacent loads together is what you need to do. In that case, a natural wall formed. At the same time, there is a benefit to this, that a complete breakdown of the load can be effectively prevented. Large Spaces need to be filled. If there is a large gap in your loading, you can use airbags or other liners if you want to fill in the gaps.

Companies around the world have lost billions of dollars. Do you know why? This is because of the effective extension of the packing load during transportation. The load will get to their destination and that’s not good enough to make sure, but do you know what it’s like to have an effective stretch wrap? How can you load a trailer? In fact, loading a trailer can reduce your load failure and risk of damage.

Do you know what the main predictors of your load arrive at your destination? Sufficient restraining force is the main predictor. If you don’t know how much control you need for your load, you can download our check force recommendation chart so you can see more clearly.