When is the right time to change the old machines


It often comes to our mind, when is the right time to change or machines.

First, let me ask why we need to change the machines that we used for so many years. I think there are various reason. But mainly there are four.

First, safety concern. Old machines are much more dangerous than a new one, the parts are not as good as it used to be.  Second, too much waste. Old machines are not as reliably as a new one, when it goes wrong,definitely a lot of waste will be produced. Third, the capacity. Old machines are not as efficient as the latest ones, they will delay your production and put your business in risk. Fourth, the repair costs. As old machines usually break down and needs to replace some of the parts, the repair costs just can go through the roof sometimes.

So, take all those facts into concern, it might be a wise choice to buy a new one. Because, all the costs can be over several times than the price of a new one.

In the end, I want to know do you still don’t want to change your old machines regarding all these

What do we know about the shrink packing machine?

When we go shopping in a big market, we usually choose to buy a product with a tight and nice package. Yes, people tend to pick those products because they think these products are well protected and produced by good manufacturers. But this package might be difficult to achieve especially for those products which are irregular in shapes and sizes.

Timber and aluminum profile can be the most difficult products to do shrink packing. Their long length and rough surface make it seems to be uncontrollable to cope.

But, the latest shrink packing machine for timber and aluminum profile seems is made for tackling those issues. The machine covers the products with plastic film and then cut the material with it’s unique automatic cutting device. Cut and seal the package just at the same time. After all of these, the packaged products will go to the shrink tunnel, the high temperature sets just at the moderate rate. It’s the best temperature to make the package to shrink, but it’s also just below the temperature which can damage the products. The temperature will be controlled by the intelligent system and indicator will alarm if anything goes wrong.


What can a packaging machine do for us?

First,before I start my speech I would like to say a lot of people think package is really unnecessary and even can be a waste. Yes, that’s right.  Today , we see too much products have been over packaged, like peeled banana packaged with plastic bag. They are really can be a waste, even needs to be punished.

But here I want to say, not every package is bad or unnecessary. In fact, most package is essential to the products. Because without package, the products may be easy to be damaged or polluted. Think about it, if your products are covered with dust or stained by water, how can you sell it out and how can you make profits. Necessary package even more important for transportation, too much risk when the products be dragged or thrown by the workers.

Another problem can be how we are going to tackle the huge work load of packaging our products. Don’t worry, here is an easy solution. Professional packaging machine can cope all of these. No need to do all the physical work in the manual way, you just need to press the button and wait the machine finishing it’s work and calling for you. Despite the high efficiency and better work environment, another advantage is that the package can be tighter and nicer. This can make your product looks attractive and bring a better sale for you.


PLC、Converter -the key elements of machiens

In today’s machinery industry, PLC and Converter became a really important component of machines. But, why is that so essential?

I think the answer is obvious. Machines need to be more automatic and PLC and Converter all we to achieve that. Today’s machine requires higher speed and less energy cost. Converter can provide the required power supply voltage according to the actual needs of the motor, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation. And PLC can make a better management of the machine by controlling all the electric components.

In recently years, we see that most of our customers only look for automatic type packaging machine when they come to us. Because, instead of controlling manually, the PLC control system can be more accurate. The machine actually is set into a certain pattern, it stops when it should stop and starts when it should start. Less waste and more free time for the operators.

With the help of sensors, the machine even can be set by operators individually. All of these changes are because human’s work have been taken over by these electric components.




What’s going on in packaging field?

In the past, in the packaging field the work usually down manually. That’s because there weren’t too many packaging machines have been designed. And the work could be heavy for most works, usually cause backache and exhaustion. Workers often like to describe themselves after finished their one day’s duty as been drained off.

This is how people used to work. But luckily, today’s workers don’t need to bear those anymore. With the development of technology, we have made different kinds of packaging machines and more are still coming out. From food to beverage to industrial products, always can find one solution each of them. And the benefits are obvious. First, less heavy work. Second, better work environment. Third, less cost( both labor cost and material cost).  Fourth, a faster speed and a higher capacity.

As an expert in the coil packaging industry, we have developed few special packaging line for customers. They are designed according to the customers’ circumstance. The packaging line can coordinate with their production line, and more sensors and high tech device has been used to make the machine runs automatically. Further more, PLC and HIM allows the customers to have personalized setting for their specific tasks. Local and remote control system for users have more convenience in controlling the line.

In the future, we are pretty sure that artificial intelligence can be used to those machines and bring another revolution to the industry.

Why we need to invest on machinery?

Many companies feel it’s hard to make a decision on whether invest on new machinery. Yes, this can be dilemma sometimes. Investment on machinery means a huge burden on finance, and it also bring a risk concern. Investors have doubts on whether their suppliers are trustworthy and does the machine really can help them with their competitiveness. Further more, new machinery may cause a cut back on labor. This also make it become an argument  between the executive team and ordinary employees.

But in this new age, advanced machinery can be a crucial part for one company. The cost of labor has grown up few times than it was a decade years ago. The market also has the new demand for better quality with reasonably priced products. Companies must find the way to increase their capacity and quality while controlling the cost on labor. New machinery seems to be the only option for them. Companies have to catch up with the new trend.

In the packaging field, machine has a 3 or 4 times higher capacity than human does. And usually the machine packaged products have a much more tidy and beautiful appearance than those manually packaged. This can be a good selling point  and make a big sale in the market.

Looking into the future, companies also need to improve their work environment for recruiting younger generations to be new blood in the company, and new machinery is the inevitable  way for them to do this.

So, comparing the pros and cons, it’s obvious that invest on new machinery is the right way to go.

Why international trade is so important?

2001, Doha. China officially entered the WTO and became one of the most important members of it. Since then, international trade has become a controversial topic among the people in the world.

People in the developed countries complain that outsourcing made them lost their jobs since China opened it’s gate and companies in their own countries flooded into China. But Chinese people complain too many foreign investments contaminated their environment and caused a collision in their lives. But despite all these facts, China had a boost in it’s own economy and also made a great contribution to the world’s economic growth.

International trade brings new resource and new idea to countries to help them improve their capacity as well as solving the surplus for their capacity.  International trade has the complementarity, where trading partners can get what they need and make profits for each other.

In the packaging field, it’s clear to see that certain machinery like coil wrapping machine, horizontal wrapper, coiling and packing line are only have manufacturers in China, Italy and few other countries. But countries all over the world have their demand for these machinery. So, if there is no international trade or have trade barriers like trade embargo, how do the other countries get this work down. Some people might want to say they can have their own manufacturers, it’s not that high-tech. Serious, do you think so. Without the experience and stable market to support them, will they last long and who is gonna pay for that.

Today, due to various reasons, outsourcing has become a phenomenon among Chinese companies and complaints came as well, but China will still open to the world and the trade is still rising up.


choose the fittest not the cheapest

When we talk about purchasing, a lot of people would say I want the cheapest price. Yes, no body wants to pay extra when they can get the cheapest price. But, here I want to say”NO”.

It’s good to save money, but when they idea of getting the lowest is full of your mind it becomes very dangerous. A good story has been prevalent in Taiwan is about an old lady who never wore a pair of fit shoes. The reason is she thinks the biggest one is the cheapest since same shoes are same price no matter what size are they. So, that lady always buy the biggest shoes.

We might not be serious as that Taiwanese old lady, but we have the conception as well. I see great people bought a wardrobe of clothing that they never gonna wear. Why? Because they thought it was really cheap. But they never thought the chance of wearing those.

Working in the mechanical industry, I also see a lot people missed their direction when they do their investment. People always what the cheapest price, but will the machine be useful and how much is that possibility. Most of the time, the machine neither poor quality nor doesn’t fit with their production.

I think the cost-effectiveness comes from the customers’ use experience. We can not judge a product just from the price, that’s a bit one sided. We need to choose the fittest one, that’s what we need and what good for us.


The history of packing machine

Packaging machinery was developed with the advent of new packaging materials and continuous innovations in packaging technology. The 1850 paper packaging began to be used in food. In 1852 the United States invented a paper bag machine. In 1861, Germany established the world’s first packaging machinery factory. China’s packaging machinery started late. After more than 30 years of development, China’s packaging machinery has become one of the ten industries in the machinery industry, providing effective protection for the rapid development of China’s packaging industry. Some packaging machinery has filled the domestic gap and has been able to Meet the needs of the domestic market. Today, China is able to provide all kinds of packaging machinery to all over the world. Customized design and excellent reliability has gained the reputation from customers in every corner of the world.

Today’s industry needs to be beautified and package can be a key factor which affects the selling deeply. A fast and well performed packing machine already has the impact on a company’s competitiveness. For the future, package needs to change in order to meet people’s changing requirement, and so does the packing machinery.

wrapping Machine drawing and manual

Apologies for disturbing you through your vacation however we have a serious issue going forward in respect of information forwarded.

It was imperative we received English versions for the Mechanical & Electrical manuals which you assured us would be received prior to the machine arriving.

You will note from our clients comments below that information forwarded thus far will not suffice.

I am not totally clear where all these files are to be perfectly honest

I also don’t have an O & M manual for the equipment – unless it is part of the equipment delivery?

I have the  coil eye Wrapping Machine user manual that was sent out before but I do not know if the controls etc. will be the same
I need a machine specific manual

Looking at the installation requirement file sent, there are 7 items – where are these?

The electrical drawings supplied, the first 5 do not have any drawing numbers , revisions, dates or company information on them so they could refer to anything.
The next sheets refer to drawing SC00479. Page numbering is all over the place – starting at page 11 and duplicates of page 13 ( 2off) and 14 (3 off).
There appears to be some logic in the content of the drawings but again no standard drawing mask or anything. Again no revision control, company information or dates.

This is really totally unacceptable as supplied drawings.

There is no mechanical drawings to work to, no levels information to confirm the sensitivity of the equipment to variations in floor levels, no tolerances to work to – absolutely nothing!
We will probably be able to build the wrapping equipment when we see it as it not very complex but all this should have been supplied months ago and any issues resolved during the equipment transit window.

Also requested information on airline connections and locations on the machine have not been supplied. We need this to ensure that the compressor people attending site bring the right fittings.

I need full documentation to be supplied electronically – dwg, word etc.

Your urgent attention and supporting documentation requested on numerous occasions is now required as a priority.